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Fees and Charges

$30.00 Insufficient Funds per Item
$30.00 Overdraft Fee per Item ($6.00 per day after 5 days)
$25.00 Stop Payment Fee per Request
$25.00 Stop Payment Renewal per Request
$20.00 Wire Transfer Fee (Money wired out)
$20.00 Wire Transfer Fee (Money wired in)
$50.00 Foreign Wire Transfer Fee (Out)
$3.00 Duplicate Statement, or Check Copy
$25.00 Administrative Close Out Fee (Accounts closed within first 90 days)
$15.00 Account Balancing Fee (per half hour)
$15.00 Account Research Fee (per half hour)
$20.00 Closing an Account by Mail
$5.00 Support Check Fee
$10.00 Tax Levy or Garnishment Fee
$2.00 Dormant Account Fee per Month
$2.00 Cashiers Checks
$5.00 Christmas Club Withdrawal / Closing
$15.00 Excessive Money Market Withdrawals
$2.00 Per Savings Withdrawal Over 10 per month
$10.00 Lost Safety Deposit Box Key Fee
$300.00 Safety Deposit Box Drilling
$20.00 Lockable Night Depository Bag
$5.00 Night Depository Replacement Key
$5.00 Wallet Zipper Bag
$5.00 Replacement Debit Card


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